Are you performing luminescent assays with large numbers of samples? Perhaps screening drug candidates using reporter gene assays or genetic probes? If you need a luminometer that is capable of processing up to 250 or even 400 samples at a time, then consider our Optocomp II, an automated photon-counting luminometer with the sensitivity you need in your assays, and the flexibility to perform virtually any luminescent assay.

The Optocomp II uses a photon counting photomultiplier tube, to provide the ultimate in sensitivity and stability in your measurements. The Optocomp II includes a built-in silent thermal printer as well as an RS-232 serial port to transfer assay results to a personal computer. And, the Optocomp II's software is easy to use, with prompts that guide you through all of its functions, yet it boasts a large menu of measurement and analysis methods, including high speed kinetic measurements as well as several powerful curve fitting methods.

The Optocomp II is available with up to 2 precision reagent injectors.

Like what you've read, but don't need automation? Then take a look at our Optocomp I manual luminometer.

Want more information? Click here to download or view an Adobe Acrobat file containing the Optocomp II's brochure and technical specifications.

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