The SP1 is an intelligent sample preparation instrument that combines the vortexing and incubation functions required in many assays.

Completely programmable, the SP1 can be programmed to perform up to 40 timed incubation and vortexing segments per protocol, with storage provided for up to 10 user programmed protocols.

Incubation temperature for each segment can be programmed from 15.0 to 99.0 degrees centigrade. Vortexing can be programmed from 200 to 2,200 RPM. Each incubate segment can be programmed up to 10 hours duration, vortex segments can be programmed up to 10 minutes. Suspend segments can also be programmed, to provide time, between incubate and/or vortex segments, for the operator to add reagents, perform wash steps, etc.

The SP1 includes an RS-232 serial port, so that assay steps can be recorded on a personal computer. Host Software for the PC is included, to make programming of protocols quick and simple.

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